A global hub for future-oriented manufacturing industries equipped with IT capacities
Specialized Industries
IT, Parts and Materials, Knowledge Based Industries
Strategic Industrial Complexes
Seoul national, Paju national, Seoul technopark
Digital Contents (DC)
Animation, Game, Education contents
Green IT
LED, Measuring instrument, Energy-saving devices
IT-Midical Convergence
Medical equipment
SIT (Smart Information Technology)
BigData, IoT, Cloud
Nano Technology, Information Technology


A global supply base for parts and materials made with and by different industries
Specialized Industries
Machinery, Electrical and Electronics
Strategic Industrial Complexes
Namdong national, Juan/Bupyeong national, Incheon Industry-Academy collaboration institute
Automotive module
Automotive parts, Electric & Electronics parts, Heavy equipment parts
Industrial machinery parts
Machinery equipment, Metal processing, Decelerator
ICT/Semiconductor parts
Electronics parts, PCB, LED
Production based parts
Mould, Cosmetics, Chemical materials
Beauty-bio Convergence
Biocosmetics, Funtional Beauty new materials
High-tech machinery & materials
Machinery/Electric & electronics (Mechatronics)
Smart electronics
Electric & electronics devices
Aircraft parts & components
Aircraft/Automotive parts & materials


A global supply base for cutting-edge, high value-added parts and materials, and developing a regional hub
Specialized Industries
Parts and Materials
Strategic Industrial Complexes
Banwol & Sihwa national, Seongnam general, Gyeonggi Industry-University collaboration institute
Mechatronics Industry (Construction or Packaging machines)
Automotive parts
Transport equipment related parts
Electric & electronics
Electric & electronics Industry (PCB / LED)
Smart energy (LED)
IOT, Energy, LED
Green M&S(Materials & Surface)
Fundamental manufacturing Industry (Metal/Surface treatment)
Smart convergence
Electrical&electronics, Medical, Fashion/Jewerly
Gyeonggi Industry-University Convergence
Gyeonggi Industry-University Convergence


A major base for the medical convergence industry
Specialized Industries
Medical Devices, Bio Technology, New Materials
Strategic Industrial Complexes
Wonju general, Bukpyeong national, Gangwon information&multimedia corporation
Gangwon Green
Automatic control/Monitoring system
Medical care & bio technologies
Cosmetic materials
Medical equipment
Ultrasonic vibrator
SLC (Safe Life Car)
Automotive parts (Aluminum die casting)
Convergence of new materials
Fine ceramic, Nonferrous metal, Chemical
Functional bio technology
Functional food, Marine bio materials
IOT based smart toy
Contents business, ICT technology


A high value-added cluster from convergence of technologies in different industries
Specialized Industries
Electric and Electronics, Mechatronics, Bio Technology
Strategic Industrial Complexes
Asan national, Cheonan general, Cheongju general, Ochang, chungju general, Sejong city, Chungnam industry-univertisy convergence institute, Chungcheongbukdo knowledge industry promotion agency
COSBI (COSmetic+Bio+Industry)
Cosmetics,Animal medicine, Food processing
Convergence electronic devices
Display equipment, Display parts
Industrial parts & components
Metal/machinery manufacturing, Electric & electronics parts manufacturing
Cosmetics, Medical equipment, Pharmaceutical, Food
Renewable battery
Solar battery, Secondary/Rechargeable battery
Electric & electronics
Machinery parts & materials
Fastener, Automotive parts
Sejong Bio-IT Convergence
Bio/IT sector
Future automotive correspondence
Automotive parts/ materials
High-tech medical equipment
Medical equipment

Daegu & Gyeongbuk

A creative, global cluster with integrated technology industries
Specialized Industries
Precise Forming, Digital Device Parts
Strategic Industrial Complexes
Gumi national, Pohang national, Seongseo general, Gyeongsan general, Gyeongbuk Industry-University collaboration institute, Gyeongbuk institute for Bio industry
Daegu & Gyeongbuk
High efficiency Energy
Solar/Display industry
Smart devices
IT Convergence
IT/Equipment automatisation
Carbon parts & components
Electronics parts/Moulding
Gyeongbuk Agro-industry
Electric & electronics
3D printing
Electric & electronics
machinery/metal parts
Machinery parts, Metal materials, Moulding, Injection
Bio Convergence
Textile & clothing, Petrochemical, Food & beverage
IT, Electric & electronics
IT, Electronics parts, Mobile, Display
Automotive parts, Machinery, Metal materials
Intelligent vehicle
Automotive parts, Power crane, Interior & exterior materials
Gyeongbuk Industry-University Convergence
Electric & electronics, Machinery materials
Gyeongbuk Agriculture & Life Convergence
Food, Medicine, Agriculture, Processing, Machinery


A major base for green industries in North East Asia
Specialized Industries
Auto Parts, Vessel Parts
Strategic Industrial Complexes
Gunsan national, Iksan national, Jeonbuk Saemangeum industry-university convergence institute, Jeonbuk association mold & die industry, Jeongbuk institute of Automotive convergence technology
Automotive parts & materials
Automotive parts/Machinery parts
Machinery/Shipbuilding parts & materials
Construction equipment/parts, Shipbuilding parts, Plant
Free Trade Zone
Automotive parts, Machinery parts, Medical, LED
Green parts & materials
Chemical, Timber, Machinery parts
Auto & Electronics parts
Machinery/Automotive/Electric & electronics
High-tech materials convergence
Carbon parts & components, Textile industry
Agricultural machinery
Agricultural machinery
Fundamental manufacturing Convergence
Jeonbuk Industry-University Convergence
Lightweight materials forming
Moulding, Metal forming processing
ICT Convergence/High functional special vehicle technology
Special vehicle, Parts manufacturing


A global cluster for a self-sustainable machinery industry
Specialized Industries
Machinery, Mechatronics
Strategic Industrial Complexes
Changwon national, Gimhae general, Sacheon general, Eogok general, Gyeongnam industry-Academy convergence institute, Expert group for next generation
K-DEC (Korea Defense teChnology)
Machinery parts, Materials, Moulding, Surface treatment
Industrial parts & components
Electric & electronics, Control system
Intelligent conveyance machinery
Automotive, Ship, Airplane, Construction equipment
Gyeongnam innovation industry
General machinery, Automotive parts
Future industry convergence
Automotive parts, Electronics parts
Smart devices
Machinery parts, Automotive
Aircraft fuselage construction and materials processing
Seobu-Gyeongnam high-tech machinery
Future automotive, Production machinery, Machinery industry (Assembly/Cutting)
Yangsan hybrid
Mould processing (Machinery, Chemical)
Gyeongnam Industry-University Convergence
Gyeongnam Industry-University Convergence
Mecha Convergence
Machinery, Electric & electronics/ ICT


A global hub for the automotive parts industry
Specialized Industries
Automobiles, Shipbuilding and Marine, Fine Chemistry
Strategic Industrial Complexes
Ulsan national (Onsan)
Green automotive technology
Automotive parts
Green materials
Petrochemical, Precision chemical
Shipbuilding & marine convergence
Shipbuilding & marine industry


A cutting-edge parts industrial cluster in the Southeast industrial belt
Specialized Industries
Shipbuilding, Automobiles, Parts and Materials
Strategic Industrial Complexes
Myeongji & Noksan national, Sinpyeong & Janglim general
Shipbuilding & marine Industry
Shipbuilding & marine parts/equipment, Green vessel
Plant (land/marine), LNG
Parts & materials Convergence
Machinery, Automotive, Electronics, Convergence parts
New technology convergence plating
Surface treatment, Plating

Gwangju, Jeonnam, Jeju

A global hub for convergence of regional specialized industries (Gwangju & Jeonnam), An eco-friendly bio-cluster (Jeju)
Specialized Industries
Smart Home Appliances, Automobiles, Optical Industry, Shipbuilding, Petrochemicals (Gwangju & Jeonnam), Bio Technology, Food and Beverage (Jeju)
Strategic Industrial Complexes
Gwangju hightech, Hanam general, Daebul national, Jeju national, Yeosu national, Jeju industry-university convergence center
Gwangju & Jeonnam
Optical communication
LED, Optical communication, Optical system, Precision optical instruments
Optical Convergence
LED, Environment/Photocatalyst, Renewable energy, Photonics-medical, Optical measurement
Smart electronics
Electronic measurement equipment, Home appliances, Airconditioner, Refrigerator
Automotive Convergence
Automotive parts (car body, engine, special vehicle), Precision moulding
Medical parts & materials
Medical equipment (Dental/ Orthopedic equipment) including parts & materials
Shipbuilding & marine parts
Shipbuilding/marine parts & equipment, Ship block
Naju Smart green
Food, Agricultural equipment, Machinery industry
Marine leisure
Leisure boat, Yacht, Vessel engine
Food/Bio industry
Petrochemical Convergence
Chemical materials, Petrochemical plant
Knowledge service plant
Ship, Marine Plant   
Cosmetic/Bio materials industry
Cosmetics, Bio-materials
regional cluster map Seoul area Incheon area Gyeonggi area Gangwon area Chungcheong area Deagu and North Gyeongsang area North Jeolla area South Gyeongsang area Ulsan area Busan area Gwangju and South Jeolla area, Jeju area