What's mapping

This is the visual typed information of Korean industrial cluster with mapping and graph on data, we classified the industrial status of Korea by region and by industry by utilizing the nationwide industrial Complex Corporation and region industrial statistic data by National Statistical Office.

Nationwide industrial complex statistics by Korea Industrial Complex Corporation
Regional industrial statistic data by National Statistical Office
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The status of industrial cluster in Korea
by Region
by Industry
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Mapping and Schematization in graph form
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Provision of industrial complex status information

The content

National industrial complex statistics

Data of Korea industrial complex corporation Quarterly, by complex, regional Construction, sale, occupation, employment, production, export

Regional industrial status statistics

Economy census data of National Statistical Office. Industry(detailed industry), regional Establishments, workers, annual sales, annual expenses, cost of sales, employment costs, wages & salaries, rents, taxes & dues, depreciation, R&D expenses, operation profits, others

Industrial complex status map

National industrial complex status map (2015 yearly data) Information map for district governed by korea industrial complex corporation(2016 yearly data)