The Industrial Cluster Program of Korea

The Korean Industrial Cluster programme has been promoted since 2005 and then and now, it has contributed to improve the competence of SMEs and develop the local economy by organising Mini Clusters. As a sort of Korean Industrial cluster model, Mini Clusters were devised to bring various synergy effects through face-to-face contact and the exchange of information among Industry, University and Research Institutes. At present, 90 Mini Clusters are actively under way R&BD Collaborations based on networking.

01 Identifying issues
a Mini Cluster



(Large and SME)

Attracting companies


Assembly and
Parts companies

Mini Cluster Network

  • - Participant
  • Companies, universities, research institutes, local governments, support organizations and experts from any of those
  • - Activities
  • Forum, seminar, workshop, meeting largely focused on technology innovation
02Sharing cooperative ideas

Task planning

Creative ideas

Problem solving

Registration idea storage

R&BD Promotion Task

R&BD Challenges

Identify demands and
difficulties of business

03Selecting projects

Preliminary review

External experts assessment

Receiving program plans

Evaluating capability

Field inspection

Organizing evaluation

Consisting of industry
and academia experts

04Implementing projects

Organizing a team

Matching coordinators

Involving in government policy related programs

Networking with innovative organization

Supported by KICOX

Submitting a report on the results

Intermediate evaluation

Final evaluation by the committee

05Follow-up measures

Settlement of project expenses

Paying for licensing fees

Submitting reports on practical uses of the outcome