The Industrial Cluster Program of Korea

The Korean Industrial Cluster programme has been promoted since 2005 and then and now, it has contributed to improve the competence of SMEs and develop the local economy by organising Mini Clusters. As a sort of Korean Industrial cluster model, Mini Clusters were devised to bring various synergy effects through face-to-face contact and the exchange of information among Industry, University and Research Institutes. At present, 90 Mini Clusters are actively under way R&BD Collaborations based on networking.

  Programmes Annual Subsidy Ratio of government subsidy(of the Total) Detail Conditions
Commercialisation of
production technologies
Developing field-customised technologies Less than KRW 200 million · SMEs : Less than 75%

· Middle sized : Less than 60%

· Large : Less than 33%
New products and New technology development 2 or more companies
Commercialising transferred technologies Transfer and commercialisation of developed technologies
Project-based technology development Leading Industry Project R&D Less than KRW 400 million Excavation of joint business model (commercialisation) 3 or more companies
Smart Manufacturing Project R&D Excavation of application model of manufacturing data gathering & analysis
Prototype production   KRW 20 million or less 60% or less Prototype development Single company or more
Application for industrial property rights Domestic patent KRW 2 million or less per case 70% or less Industrial property application fee (except for registration fee) Single company or more
Utility models
International patent KRW 7 million per case
Marketing International standard acquisition KRW 7 million or less 70% or less Standard accreditation Single company or more
Advertising and PR KRW 10 million or less PR video, brochure 2 or more companies
Domestic exhibition KRW 3 million or less Booth rents, exhibition equipment 3 or more companies
International exhibition KRW 8 million or less
Overseas market expansion KRW 5 million or less Buyer-seller meeting expense
Inviting professionals KRW 8 million or less Overall expense for travel, invitation
On-the-job training   KRW 50 million or less 80% or less Employee competency development (except for simple OA, language education) 2 or more companies
Promotion of technology transfer KRW 7 million or less 70% or less Technology fee Single company or more
Consulting on R&BD planning KRW 3 million or less 70% or less Planning R&BD Single company or more